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the second release "American Horse EP" released Nov 10th/2017 is out now. 


Jan-Feb 2018 blog 

Hey, everyone. Just some news and updates! 

Banff Arts Centre’ residency last month was an experience I won’t forget. I recommend Banff for creating your next work whatever it is. Artists from around the world came to work and hang out. So many new friends along with new work was the result. The next album in 2018 will be a new chapter for me and takes a lot of my experiences and stories and merges them with my writing styles. I’ll be doing some demos of that this spring.   

Since coming back, I’ve been…

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December 2017 

Hey, All;

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season! Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Official CD Release of American Horse EP on Dec 15th in Regina, Sk. It was released online on Nov 10th, but we wanted to host an official party with the hard copy release. Thank you to the venue and sponsors who helped make the evening a success. Photos are shared to our Facebook Page!

Much appreciation to fellow music scene rockers NewEra and Mother Night for making the evening a grand rock show!


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November 2017 Update 

So... This has been a busy year to say the least. some highlights are releasing singles, finishing up recording and producing the E.P. and playing a few country shows... thats right... i said country, that wasn't a typo.

This year we've been recording, playing shows, Dale has even completed advanced vocal training through Berklee. We've completed recording the 6 song E.P. titled "American Horse" the official album release will be coming up next month!

We've got big things coming up on the horizon for…

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September 2016 Update 


This has been a busy month and busy last few weeks trying to keep up with new developments. Here goes; 

I am very grateful and appreciative of Todd's hard work in landing an endorsement from Covenant Cables, a very cool guitar cable company that believed in KS. We are hash tagging ourselves  #covenantcableartists. 

Rob Gandhu has been working like a dedicated tank to get solid and keep us in line and on time. Rob Gandhu is a solid pro drummer from the drum heavens and very essential…

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December 2015 

Hey everyone,

  So 2015 has been a long road for us in Kinder Scout, we've lost band members, and family members. we faced adversity and we've continued to soldier on. luckily enough both Dale and myself have persevered.
  We're still on the look out for our third member, we need a drummer but we've been fortunate enough to have friends volunteer to be our time keepers for shows so we can continue to meet our performance commitments and for that we are super thankful we've got friend who believe in us and are…Read more

Fall Update 2015 

  Ok, so first off sorry for the long silence things have been busy in our world. i logged in tonight to update our page and thought i should update you with our goings on. so earlier this summer Jed decided we weren't the band for him and graciously stepped away from the band and we at Kinder Scout HQ wish him the best of luck in his future endevours. but with the summer tour to finish the show must go on.
  Jay stepped up for us and he played drums for us at All Folk'd Up in Montmartre as well as the RezX…Read more

The Start of "The Road Ahead" Sask Summer Tour 

  So this weekend was the start of our summer tour, Dale and I loaded up the flex from the floor to the roof front to back. and we hit the 
road to our first show at the Hojo Bar in Melville SK as part of the Parkland Rocks 2015 Summer Concert Series presented by Parkland Rock Radio Melville's Rock Station. We got to set up the sound stage with our own gear including PA system. Jed showed up put his drum kit on stage and we did a quick little check and i gotta say it sounded pretty good. almost like we knew…Read more

Noise fest 2015 

  So last night we had the pleasure of playing at Noise fest in Regina down at The Artful Dodger. It's a local festival showcasing local talent organized by Carson Aaron a local musician himself.
  Source Code opened the show, young musicians and a fairly new group. they played mostly covers and played them well. the one original song they had I thoroughly enjoyed. if they stick with it, keep writing and polish their performance they will become a well known name in the scene. keep an eye on them, I know I…Read more

S.E.A.R.C.H. Fundraiser @ McNalley's Tavern 

  So it's a Thursday night in Regina Saskatchewan and we have been asked to play the fundraiser for S.E.A.R.C.H (student energy in action for Regina community health) we played and second annual fundraiser it was my first gig with the band September 11th 2014 and they liked us enough to come back and and play the third annual which was a great honour. but as some of you know Jay played his last gig for us on drums at the Fat badger in March. we were short a drummer for the gig and we had already committed…Read more

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