Jan-Feb 2018 blog

Hey, everyone. Just some news and updates! 

Banff Arts Centre’ residency last month was an experience I won’t forget. I recommend Banff for creating your next work whatever it is. Artists from around the world came to work and hang out. So many new friends along with new work was the result. The next album in 2018 will be a new chapter for me and takes a lot of my experiences and stories and merges them with my writing styles. I’ll be doing some demos of that this spring.   

Since coming back, I’ve been writing material for a third album, chatting and prepping for the next writings, and running the studio at Dakota Red Productions. A new local artist is releasing a grunge EP which will sound pretty cool. And an award winning Fiddler from Sask has asked me to master his next album which also sounds pretty neat.  
Also, watch for videos soon of a couple new songs I wrote and performed with some amazing renowned musicians while at Banff. 

Looking ahead, we are booking more shows coming that let us showcase the blues rock side of the music we do as well as the acoustic roots songwriting side. It’s always nice to switch it up and move freely between the two music styles. The next show is this Saturday at Revival Music Room. 2224 Dewdney Ave. We will be plugging in and playing blues rock songs off "American Horse" with Dan Siljer and his band headlining. Tickets are $10. We were told it’s the last weekend of the Brier so if you’re into chilling to some blues rock after chilling with curling, Revival Music Room would be a fun place. There will be friends, good food, cold drinks, and a party night of blues rock. If you haven’t yet, pick up a CD from the store or check us out on Spotify and iTunes. Or give your local radios 91.3FM CJTR and QCIndie.com a shout and ask for songs from “American Horse”.  

Until Next month! 


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