2019 to 2021 Hello!

Firstly, I have been so grateful for the opportunities to grow and make so many friends and relatives. Over the past three years, I've been on highs and lows. I've made friends and lost some friends. I have watched others struggle on the same journey with my ongoing support and mentoring. I've also welcomed new friends, relatives, more birthdays, and celebrated more opportunities.

2019 has been a year of production, writing, connecting with Indigenous Artists across the nation, and welcoming new family members. :-) I must acknowledge the ongoing support from the Indigenous Music community as I grew and learned more about the Industry and my place in it. This is a  journey to keep living for. 

2020 has been no doubt the hardest years for many across the world, including myself. We must stay healthy and make time for our wellness as well as our families as we work through the changes. 

The new album is almost complete. "Pejuta Road" started back in 2018 with language learning, seeking elder guidance, and reconnecting with my own passions for writing and preserving my community's lifestyles.
I want to acknowledge the Nakota and Dakota Elders in my community, the Canada Council For The Arts for the support in this endeavour, and community experts as I learned to preserve with patience, care, and humility along the way. 
Looking forward to sharing stories and new fun art with you. 


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