The Start of "The Road Ahead" Sask Summer Tour

  So this weekend was the start of our summer tour, Dale and I loaded up the flex from the floor to the roof front to back. and we hit the 
road to our first show at the Hojo Bar in Melville SK as part of the Parkland Rocks 2015 Summer Concert Series presented by Parkland Rock Radio Melville's Rock Station. We got to set up the sound stage with our own gear including PA system. Jed showed up put his drum kit on stage and we did a quick little check and i gotta say it sounded pretty good. almost like we knew what we were doing!
Travelling to the show Sound Checked and ready to rock Descalso rocking the Stage

  So we opened the show, other than the stage being dark what a great venue! The people that showed up were so awesome really encouraging and genuinely seemed to love the music, so much so we even got a request for an encore. our encore song although we weren't ready for it we debuted our song "River Rising" and also played our first cover song. up next was Descalso, what a great group of guys and i've gotta say if you liked Sublime at all you'll love these guys. they did a cover of sublime's Santeria and it was spot on.  we closed the place down and packed up and got some rest for day two of the tour. the Rediscover downtown Yorkton Festival.
  So we got to Yorkton and found where we were gonna play we found a tent and a sound man setting up. Ken and Brett from Fuzztone Music in Yorkton were doing sound. it was a lot of fun! we played two sets the first one was laid back keeping it easy listening to help us gauge the crowd on what kind of music they'd be into hearing. our second set was our more mainstream rock and harder songs. nothing is greater than playing original music and looking into the street in front of you and seeing children dancing up a storm! we finished our set packed up and headed over to the highlight of the weekend.
  We headed over to the Freedom Sound Music Store. Very cool store they offer any services that you could ever want. they even run their own online radio station ICE Radio. we looked around for a bit, Dale found a smoking deal on a sweet guitar and when you're a lefty like he is great deals are fewer and further between. While there we met up with owner John Anaka who then took us to the Freedom Sound recording studio. Wow! we were absolutely amazed with the studio. and after some deliberation we're pretty sure that's where our future full length album "American Horse" will be recorded. then we travelled home.
  Sunday evening rolled around and we contacted Wes Tollefson of Kamiki Piks for some promotional band photos we took some shots around town and these pics will be surfacing as soon as we receive them. all in all it was a busy weekend, great to be on the road for a mini tour but always great to get home. next weekend Regina Jazz Festival! thanks everyone for the support! - Todd

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