September 2016 Update


This has been a busy month and busy last few weeks trying to keep up with new developments. Here goes; 

I am very grateful and appreciative of Todd's hard work in landing an endorsement from Covenant Cables, a very cool guitar cable company that believed in KS. We are hash tagging ourselves  #covenantcableartists. 

Rob Gandhu has been working like a dedicated tank to get solid and keep us in line and on time. Rob Gandhu is a solid pro drummer from the drum heavens and very essential to the new sound we're growing into as pros. 

The Bushwakker's show on the 21st was killer. Katie Miller's voice and songwriting was amazing and, not surprisingly, she picked up more fans along the way. I couldn't help but tell my friends that night to make sure to check out her songs and buy her album. It was pretty cool to do one of my better unplugged sets in front of YQR scene reps and good friends. The show of growing support as an Indigenous Blues/Roots Artist in the YQR scene is truly appreciated.

The CJTR guest hosting of The Cockpit the next night the 22nd was so much fun. I was able to show off some influential guitar bands I've studied along the way in developing my writing styles. Next time, I'm bringing pizza for the flight.

The CJTR Radiothon Kick Off appearance was a blast the next day on the 23rd. Todd and I performed an acoustic version of a new single "Small Town Nowhere" on air and made a friendly local band challenge :-) Yes, we picked The Cockpit as our favourite radio show.. There was only a choice for we had to let the dice roll and go with our good friends The Pilot and The Navigator 

We are booked to close the Radiothon on the 30th at Artful Dodger. I am debuting a new song live. Never before played or heard anywhere. It's my big "UP YOURS" to Cancer.... Hope At Midnight will be dedicated to survivors, lovers who stuck close together through its torment, those who fought a hard fight and those who beat it. I heard we are with two cool bands. HomoMonstrous and Queen Cities. I've been wanting to check out the cool sounds of HomoMonstrous. I heard Leo Keiser's guitar skills are something to take in. I've seen Queen Cities before and right after their set at McNally's I picked up their CD  :-)   
COME support this show!!. Come film it!!  Come take photos and selfies. It's going to be a party and full of cool band after cool band. I'm glad to be a part of this show with these new friends!  

In the meantime, a new transition is in the works. Kinder Scout is undergoing a pro upgrade in some rebranding over the winter at the advice of some pros and discussion about the style, sound, and the continued direction of growth. I think on that note, I might be handing out some soon to be rare Kinder Scout shirts this weekend at the Artful Dodger..But they're not free... that takes some interaction with us.. maybe a selfie with us and a fancy step or two on some songs. 

News of the KS rebrand and relaunch will be announced once things are in place.  

After the 30th, I will have more huge news to share! :-) Once I am home from traveling abroad to make news happen. 

Another single is ready for mastering. Catchy rock beat called "Nobody Like You". It will be done and out real soon in Oct. 

The single "Good Morning" is getting great reviews. Give it a listen, turn it up on your morning drive to work!!

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