Noise fest 2015

  So last night we had the pleasure of playing at Noise fest in Regina down at The Artful Dodger. It's a local festival showcasing local talent organized by Carson Aaron a local musician himself.
  Source Code opened the show, young musicians and a fairly new group. they played mostly covers and played them well. the one original song they had I thoroughly enjoyed. if they stick with it, keep writing and polish their performance they will become a well known name in the scene. keep an eye on them, I know I will be.
  Beautiful Thieves took this stage next. this was our second show with them this year, the first being just a few weeks ago. these guys have quickly become one of my favorite bands in Regina. I love the vocal harmonies, chord progressions and tasteful lead guitar layed over top of it all. they claim to make beautiful music and I have to say they definitely deliver, they're nothing short of awesome.
  We were up third we took the stage and we played a 40 minute set and the crowd asked for an encore and time was permitting so we were able to rock just one more. from crowd conversations afterwards they seemed to enjoy us. internally we have had the discussion that our ep isn't exactly a fair sample of what the band currently is. I think last night we gave the crowd a taste of what we're working toward and they loved it. gives us positive feed back to stay the course.
  Hearts & Knives played fourth. missing a guitar player as he recently left the band but what a great show. check them out and if they seem like they're your type of music hit them up as they're currently seeking a guitar player and soon a bass player.
  Newera closed out the show in true rock star fashion! powerful vocals, shredding guitar, thumping bass, and rocking drums all culminate to become the force known simply as Newera. these guys are another favorite of mine and a great bunch of guys. we heard the news last night that it was Nicks last show with them. but they assured us not to worry as this doesn't mean the end, they will be back and stronger than before. good news for fans better news for drummers as now they'll need a new member to fill in behind the kit. got some chops? contact them and join an elite team of rockers.
  All said and done last night was probably one of the most energetic shows we've been a part of in a long time. the venue was great the crowd was awesome being our first time at noise fest we weren't sure what to expect but now we hope we can do it every year. great company, great music, great time. thanks Carson for letting us be a part of it. - Todd

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