Fall Update 2015

  Ok, so first off sorry for the long silence things have been busy in our world. i logged in tonight to update our page and thought i should update you with our goings on. so earlier this summer Jed decided we weren't the band for him and graciously stepped away from the band and we at Kinder Scout HQ wish him the best of luck in his future endevours. but with the summer tour to finish the show must go on.
  Jay stepped up for us and he played drums for us at All Folk'd Up in Montmartre as well as the RezX TV Launch party. then we had a new guy Don trained up and commited to one show to see how he liked it and he played with us at the Friends with benefits concert and he played well, but unfortunately he also decided we weren't exactly what he was looking for either. 
  Jay came back and stepped up for us and we played the 2015 Culture Days Street Fair this past weekend which was such a great time. its always nice to see a community come together and showcase itself.
  All the while we've been working in our studio Dakota Red Productions. working on our first full length album and so far it's coming along nicely and we hope to have "American Horse" into your hands and ears in the near future. so be on the look out for our CD release party. it's gonna be fun. Take care everyone - Todd

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