December 2017

Hey, All;

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season! Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Official CD Release of American Horse EP on Dec 15th in Regina, Sk. It was released online on Nov 10th, but we wanted to host an official party with the hard copy release. Thank you to the venue and sponsors who helped make the evening a success. Photos are shared to our Facebook Page!

Much appreciation to fellow music scene rockers NewEra and Mother Night for making the evening a grand rock show!

Since the Release of the CD, over half of the hard copies have already been ordered in different communities across Sask and Manitoba !  Thank you for supporting emerging artists and our endeavors! 

A mini-documentary on the local scene recently started filming. Looking forward to helping with its production team over the next year! Be patient. You just might be in it if you are at a local live show supporting YQR's music scene in the next year.

With hard work and dedication, comes opportunity.   News to welcome 2018:

1. SIRIUS XM Radio recently reached out and requested the EP for Channel 165 which showcases Indigenous Music Chart players from Across Turtle Island. I am very grateful for the opportunity to share the stories and music with everyone.

2. During the month of January 2018, I will be part of the "A.I.R." program at CJTR 91.3FM or "Artist In Residence" at CJTR. Every Saturday from 3PM-4PM I will be on the air highlighting local YQR Indigenous talent and the scene through 4 weekly episodes. There will be brief interviews, guests, and highlighting recent releases from emerging artists locally and across Canada:

3. At the end of January and into early February, I will be a "Musician In Residence" at Banff National Arts Centre. I will be taking part in workshops, attending concerts at the arts centre, and writing a ton of new material for the 3rd release which is already in pre-production:


Thank you again for the support. Hoping everyone gets to spend valuable time with family and friends over this holiday season!

Until next month!

- D


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