December 2015

Hey everyone,

  So 2015 has been a long road for us in Kinder Scout, we've lost band members, and family members. we faced adversity and we've continued to soldier on. luckily enough both Dale and myself have persevered.
  We're still on the look out for our third member, we need a drummer but we've been fortunate enough to have friends volunteer to be our time keepers for shows so we can continue to meet our performance commitments and for that we are super thankful we've got friend who believe in us and are willing to donate their time to our project.
  Now I know you've all been impatiently waiting for our first full length album "American Horse" and I assure you we're working hard to get it done but with the set backs we've had this year it keeps pushing our release date back. but with that being said we're super happy with what has been completed so far and we can't wait for you to hear it and rest assured that when we do release it that it will be something we can be proud of. thanks everyone for the continued support, keep an eye on our page as we may be releasing a single to show you what we've been working on. - Todd

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