Our Story

   Dale Mac (McArthur) is an Indigenous songwriter and Blues/Roots/Rock guitarist from the White Bear First Nation and based in Regina, Sask. His style is in the vein of many Canadian artists and legends (Matt Mays, The Trews, Tragically Hip). His guitar writing influences include Pearl Jam, Clapton, and Springsteen. Dale’s songs and lyrics are based around Canadiana while promoting his style of music and positive lifestyle. His songs were featured on TV, Media, and radio. 

Dale wrote and self-produced his debut 2015 EP “Whistle Man” under the alias “Kinder Scout”, a reference to an Indigenous scout on a journey to seek medicine for his community. (Copyright 2015 SOCAN). Immediately following his debut EP release, Dale studied Audio Mastering via Berklee College of Music with producer Jonathan Wyner to further the quality of Dakota Red Productions. After a successful tour of his EP, Dale took his music to Nashville and was well received in February 2016. Later that year, he was successful in landing an endorsement with Covenant Cables, an American guitar cable supply company catering to musicians’ gear supplies. Later in 2016, Dale returned to Nashville on invite and performed more new songs with open arms welcoming. 

 In January 2017, the Kinder Scout alias transitioned to “Dale Mac”, the name he is better known by in the local arts scene. By the summer of 2017, Dale’s bluesy roots single “The Road Ahead”, a song using Molly’s Reach from the late CBC TV series The Beach Combers as the silent backdrop, made the Indigenous Music Countdown Chart at #21.

The second release American Horse is guitar inspired, blues driven, and merges his Canadiana with his guitar writing.

 Todd Wakefield got his first bass guitar when he was still just single digits in age after much begging and pleading with his parents and dabbled in music here and there, he started taking the bass seriously somewhere around age 14. He played in several music projects through the years, no matter the band they all had one thing in common. Weather it was punk rock, hard rock, acoustic rock. They were all an offshoot of rock. 
 Todd replied to an ad looking for a bass player posted by Dale. Todd was brought in on a trial basis to see if he could handle the music, the band situation, and the pressure of live performances. So the band practiced with Todd five times and then they hit the stage at McNally's Tavern (a now favorite local venue) September 11th, 2014 and Todd performed with flying colours.  Todd was officially part of the band soon after. With tasteful fills and well placed runs Todd brings his punk style bass playing and blends it to Dale's roots rock guitar to create a well rounded unique musical force.


What's in a Name?

Kinder Scout refers to the scout of a community who didn't go looking or scouting for enemy territory or conflict. The peaceful or "kinder" scout that went looking for help or medicine or new lands to locate his community for growth is what the name refers to.

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